Model Tenancy Act - Revamping the existing rent control regime

The existing rent control and tenancy legislations in the country largely tilt in favour of the tenants. They inter alia involve stringent measures on the fixation of rent and long drawn legal challenges faced by the landowners in evicting tenants. For this reason, landowners are often apprehensive of letting out their vacant premises. This has resultantly affected the rental economy and the rental housing segment across the country, adversely impacting the availability of housing facilities and affordable rental accommodation in urban areas.
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It’s settled Tenants are entitled to owners’ parking spaces

Often when units are given on leave and license basis to tenants, Co-operative Housing Society’s (CHS) prior approval is obtained, or intimation is provided, whichever is prevalent as per the bye-laws of the CHS. CHS’s however refrain from letting owners give their tenants a right to park in the car parking space appurtenant to such unit, to enable the CHS to rotate the car parking slots among its members only.
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Tamil Nadu Tenancy Law Post

The law relating to tenancy in the state of Tamil Nadu was earlier governed by The Tamil Nadu Buildings (Lease and Rent Control) Act, 1960 (TNLRC Act). The said act was enacted for achieving three purposes[1]: (a) to regulate the leasing of residential and non-residential buildings; (b) the control of rents; and (c) to prevent unreasonable eviction of tenants.

This sexagenarian old TNLRC Act was enacted when the real estate industry was evolving. At that point of time, the supply of rental assets was limited and the ownership of assets was concentrated in the hands of few landlords. Therefore, the TNLRC Act was enacted as a piece of social reform to protect tenants from exorbitant rent and frivolous eviction but it was quite often tainted as a law as it was unfairly tilted towards the tenants.
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