The 22nd Law Commission Report on Trade Secrets: Call for a balancing Act?

The 22nd Law Commission of India issued a report titled “Trade Secrets and Economic Espionage” (“LCR”), on March 5, 2024, to recommend a new legal framework to adjudicate claims related to disclosure of trade secrets, and the key provisions that it should encompass. Through this article, we intend to briefly summarise the legal framework applicable to trade secrets in India, highlight significant perspectives considered by the Law Commission and the recommendations thereof.Continue Reading The 22nd Law Commission Report on Trade Secrets: Call for a balancing Act?

 Supreme Court Clarifies Law On Limitation Period For Filing An Appeal Under Section 37 Of The Arbitration Act


The Supreme Court in the case of Government of Maharashtra (Water Resources Department) Represented by Executive Engineer v. M/s Borse Brothers Engineers & Contractors Pvt. Ltd.[1] has inter alia set right the law regarding the period of limitation for condonation of delay in filing appeals under Section 37[2] of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (“Arbitration Act”). Overruling its earlier decision in N.V. International v. State of Assam[3] (“N.V. International”) and emphasising the central object of speedy disposal of disputes sought to be achieved by the Arbitration Act and the Commercial Courts Act, 2015 (“Commercial Courts Act”), the Court has allowed condonation of only ‘short delays’, setting out strict parameters for permitting the same.
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